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Call 112

Is there an emergency situation? Do you need immediate help? Is life, environment or property in danger?

Call 112 if you need immediate help
Call 112 if you or somebody in your vicinity falls ill or has a serious accident.
Call 112 if there is a fire or any other situation requiring ambulance, fire or police services.

112 is the emergency number that you can call from a landline or mobile phone anywhere in Sweden.

Your call will be answered by an operator at one of the SOS Alarm Centres who will ask you the following questions:

  • What has happened?
  • Where did it happen?
  • What phone number are you calling from?

Try to stay as calm as possible while describing events and answer all the questions, such as: Who needs help and why? Is somebody being subjected to violence or other danger? Is anybody injured? How many are injured and what type of injuries do they have?

The SOS operator needs to ask these questions in order to decide the type of assistance needed. They may also need more information while help is on its way, so please stay on the phone and remain where you are for the time being.

At SOS Alarm Centres, both women and men operators answer emergency calls from people needing assistance. All SOS operators speak Swedish and English, so try to describe events yourself in these languages or get help from somebody else who does speak Swedish or English if possible. The SOS Alarm operator will then be able to dispatch the correct emergency service as quickly as possible. SOS Alarm will use an interpreter if required, but there is not often enough time for this.

112 is the public emergency phone number in Sweden. One call will put you in touch with all the emergency services, but you should only call 112 if you are in an emergency situation and need immediate help. Your call may otherwise delay vital help to people in emergency situations elsewhere.

If your call is not urgent, please call relevant service direct. You will find their telephone numbers on the inside cover page of your local telephone directory.

SOS operators respond to 112 calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 112 calls are free of charge. 112 is the emergency number throughout Europe.

For more information, visit → SOS Alarm

What to do in case of fire

Save – Save people that are in immediate danger, but do not put yourself at greater risk doing so
Warn – Warn everyone that is in danger
Alert – Alert the fire brigade, call 112
Extinguish – Extinguish the fire if possible


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