Storstockholms Brandförsvar
Storstockholms Brandförsvar
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VMA-Important message to the public

In case of an immediate danger towards the public it is possible to alert the public through a special civil defense alarm system. This could be in the case of fire, toxic gas or poisoned water.

The alarm consists of a 7 second long tone followed by 14 seconds of silence; this lasts for at least 2 minutes. When you hear the signal you should:

  • Go inside
  • Listen to the radio, first and foremost SR P4
  • Close doors, windows and ventilation

Information can also be provided through television or teletext.

The alert is followed by a signal that indicates “all clear”. This consists of one signal that is 30-40 seconds long.

This alarm system is tested the first Monday of March, June, September and December.


Storstockholms brandförsvar
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Publicerat av: Jonas Nyström
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